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Teaching International Students: A Q&A Session for Improved Intercultural Education in the Classroom


Estela Ene, Sandra Lemons


Terri Tarr


Friday, September 18, 2015, 12 noon - 1:30 p.m. EDT


UL 1126

Do you have international students in your class? Do you wonder why they sometimes behave or express themselves differently? Would you like to communicate across cultures better, and to teach your students to communicate better as well? In a university in which the international population is growing by leaps and bounds, effective communication with our international students is important. This workshop will provide research-informed explanations for some of the most frequently encountered misunderstandings between non-native English speaking students and native English speaking faculty. In this interactive session, the audience is invited to share examples and questions based on their personal experience as students or teachers, and the emerging questions will be explored with guidance from the hosts.

Those planning to attend should email the organizer (tatarr@iupui.edu) at least one example or question they would like to discuss. The example or question should have a pedagogical focus; for example: “Why are some of my international students so quiet in class?”


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