The Learning Environments Committee, comprised of faculty and staff from relevant units of the university, meets throughout the year to make funding decisions.

  • Mary Anne Black, Office of the Registrar
  • Angela Briel, Coordinator, CTL
  • Erin Cassity, School of Education
  • Lisa Contino, Psychology
  • Andrew Gavrin, Physics
  • Sherri Hendricks, Kelley School of Business
  • Renee Jackson, University Library
  • Douglas Jerolimov, CTL
  • Donna Kent, Campus Facilities Services
  • Pam King, Adaptive Education Services
  • Erica Morrical, Office of the Registrar
  • Melissa Pollauf, Office of the Registrar
  • Kelly Reed, University Architect's Office
  • Mark Russell, UITS
  • Pratibha Varma-Nelson, Chair, CTL
  • Jeffrey Wilson, School of Liberal Arts 

Through the awarding of small grants, the Learning Environments Grant (LEG) supports the creation of innovative, engaging formal and informal learning environments that meet the needs of both faculty and students. 

Proposals will be ranked on the following criterion:

1. The project must have a demonstrable positive impact on learning
2. The number of students who will benefit
3. The project must enable new/critical academic experiences for faculty and/or students
4. The creativity of projects
5. The project provides opportunities for faculty-student/student-student interaction
6. Availability of any additional needed funds
7. Plans/funds should be in place for repairs and maintenance of all items purchased

*Areas renovated within the past 10 years are not eligible to receive this grant.

2015 Grant Deadlines:
Friday, October 23: deadline for UAO Request for Service
Tuesday, December 22: deadline for proposal submission

Step 1: Furniture:

Purchasing furniture at IU can be a complicated process.  Therefore, in conjunction with the University Architects Office (UAO), IU Purchasing is streamlining both the design and the process for purchasing furniture.

Complete the University Architects Office’s online form, Request for Service

  • Click “Enter a Request for Service” (first link).
  • Within the form, for “Request Type:”, check the checkbox for “Furniture Only”.
  • Click Continue; fill out and submit form.

After completing the form a project number and a designer will be assigned. Users will receive an email response with that project number immediately and the assigned designer information within 24 hours. The designer will work directly with the department and engage Purchasing as necessary (as identified between University Architects Office and Purchasing). Designer will encourage the user to be sure their fiscal officer is aware of the request for furniture.

Please note: due to the amount of time necessary for adequate consultation you must have your request for service submitted by Friday, October 23, 2015.  Submitting after this date does not guarantee you will have the required approval from the University Architect's Office.

Placing the Order 
Upon approval of the design and specifications by department, a design representative from University Architects Office (UAO) will enter the requisition into KFS on behalf of the PI.

The requisition will route to the designated account manager for approval with the appropriate transaction information attached to the document (pricing schedule, design layout, etc.) so the account manager has all information required to review before approving the requisition. If the order is less than $10,000 and using a contracted vendor, a Purchase Order will automatically transmit to the vendor after account manager approval.

Any questions regarding this process may be directed to:

Kelly Reed, University Architects Office - email: kelreed@indiana.edu

Step 2: Technology:

Please note that this grant does not fund technology. Technology can be part of your proposal if funded by another documented source. For consultation on technology needs in your space contact Mark Russell, UITS, at (317) 274-2017 or email marrusse@iu.edu

Technology is often an important element of Learning Spaces. If technology or audio/visual components are part of the proposed space, a request for design services (http://www.iu.edu/~lets/diform/designIntegrationForm.html) should be submitted. UITS Learning Spaces and Technology Services will assist in defining the technology to be included and initiate an RFP with Purchasing if required.

Step 3: Approvals

Before any changes or improvements can be made to any campus facilities the relevant dean must approve of them. During grant submission you must supply that dean's email address. The email address you enter will receive a copy of your submission and they will either "accept" or "deny" the submission of the proposal. You will receive notification of your dean's response. An "approval" from your dean does not mean your proposal was funded, only that it is cleared to be reviewed by the committee.

Your project must be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Contact the Office of Adaptive Educational Services for more information or to have them review your plans: (317) 274-3241. 

If your proposal budget exceeds $25,000 you must supply signed documentation of other dedicated funding sources. Failure to do so will result in your proposal being disqualified.

Step 4: Submission:

Should you have any questions about the online submission process please call the Center for Teaching and Learning at (317) 274-1300 or email thectl@iupui.edu.

Past Projects


  • Program for Intensive English: Language & Literacy Classrooms - First floor, Cavanaugh Hall ($25,000)
  • Ruth Lilly Medical Library, First Floor Study and Meeting Space - IB 100 ($25,000)
  • School of Nursing Informal Study Areas - Third floor corridor ($14,500)
  • The Studio: A Collaborative Environment for Highly Enriched Learning and Productivity - ET 319 ($25,000)
  • Lilly Family School of Philanthropy Student Lounge Furniture - Third floor, University Hall ($25,000)
  • IUPUC Women's Studies Office, Seminar Space and Resource Area - CC 235 ($20,200)


  • Classroom Furniture - ES 2104 ($12,416)
  • Classroom Furniture - BS 2006 ($12,416)
  • Building the Flipped Classroom: Designing a Collaborative Workspace for Active Learning - ET 329 ($25,000)
  • School of Education Multipurpose Learning Spaces - ES First Floor ($25,000)
  • I-Learn (Informatics - Learn, Engage, Apply, Reflect, Network): A Collaborative Space for Informatics - IT 592 ($25,000)
  • Creating a small class/meeting/study room for the Economics graduate programs - CA 536A ($8,700)


  • Leadership Learning Lab: Enhancing Technology for Collaborative Teaching and Learning / ET 327OLS ($22,389)
  • Geography Learning Lab and Seminar Room / CA 209 Renovation ($24,939)
  • Renovation for Laboratory Classes / SL 008 ($25,109)
  • Engaging the World Through the Global Crossroads Classroom / ES 2132 ($25,000)
  • Designing Spaces for Project and Problem Based Learning for Art Education and Community Arts Programs / Herron 147 and 151 ($23,240)
  • Cavanaugh Hall Classroom Furniture / CA 215 ($24,696)


  • Classroom Furniture - LD 002 ($12,519.12)
  • Classroom Furniture - LD 004 ($12,190.72)
  • Scale Up Classroom in Psychology ($25,000)
  • Literacy Studies (Cavanaugh 347/349) ($25,000)
  • "PhyLS" - A Physics Learning Space ($13,939.83)
  • Taking 2110 into the 21st Century ($25,000)
  • Creating a technology-enhanced collaborative learning space for IUPUC Students ($25,000)
  • Musculoskeletal Learning Lab (PE0005) $15,895.08)


  • Classroom Furniture - ET 302, 304 ($25,000)
  • Classroom Furniture - ET 308 ($10,470.68)
  • SHRS Student Learning and Research Facilitation Lab ($24,991.50)
  • ES 2101 Classroom redesign and technology upgrade ($25,000)
  • CSL & OSE Enhanced Learning Space - BS 2010A ($25,000)
  • Cavanaugh 435 - An environment for global and civically engaged learning ($25,000)

2009–2010 Projects

  • PETM Multipurpose Learning Lab ($21,700)
  • Biology Resource Center ($25,000)
  • University Library International Newsroom ($25,000)
  • E&T Student Council ($16,212.45)
  • Spanish Resource Center ($19,000)
  • Informatics MARLA Lab ($25,000)

2008–2009 Projects

  • Psychology Resource Center ($20,875)
  • University Library International Newsroom/University Library Reference Area ($20,000)
  • School of Liberal Arts and Science Multipurpose/Performance Auditorium ($25,000)
  • Community Learning Network/Union Building Learning Spaces ($22,000)
  • New furnishings for room BS 3006 ($23,315)
  • New furnishings for room LD020 ($18,333)


Schools and departments at IUPUI and IUPUC are eligible for the LEG.  Registered student groups may also apply.

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