Associate Faculty Teaching Forum Workshops

Forum I Sessions, (5:30-6:45pm)

Associate Faculty Orientation
New and recently-hired associate faculty (sometimes called part-time faculty) can participate in this session to learn about the resources that IUPUI makes available to help with their roles as instructors, and as employees and faculty members at IUPUI. Brief presentations from representatives of Academic Affairs, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), University Information Technology Services (UITS), the University Library, and the Registrar's Office, will be followed by Q&A from associate faculty. Orientation packets will also be distributed.

Teaching With Technology/Canvas
In both face-to-face and online courses, instructors can use many tools in Canvas to engage students in meaningful learning experiences. The forum will focus will on tools for interactive learning activities, and tools that facilitate feedback and communication among instructor and students.

Course and Classroom Management for Face-to-Face and Online Courses
Managing increasingly diverse students and changing technologies poses challenges for all instructors who desire productive class meetings and greater student success. This forum discussion will consider strategies of course organization and techniques of classroom management to keep your course running smoothly. Forum participants will explore ways to establish expectations for students, to motivate students to take responsibility for their learning, and to provide students with helpful feedback.

Forum II Sessions, (7:00-8:15pm)

Engaging Students: Active Learning Strategies for Face-to-Face and Online Courses
Instructors who adopt active learning approaches in class—approaches requiring students to actively apply and demonstrate knowledge—are more likely to engage students in the learning process. Students, in turn, learn more. In this session, Forum participants will discuss ways to engage students in active learning. Participants will explore ways to integrate active learning strategies into a course, to set clear expectations for students, and to provide students with helpful feedback.

Grading in Canvas: Strategies, Challenges, and Solutions
Grading serves a wide range of purposes in the college classroom: to evaluate and to provide feedback on student work, to motivate students, and to organize a course or lesson, to name a few. This forum’s discussion will explore the tools offered in the Canvas learning management system to help you to build assignments and rubrics, to create a gradebook, to create groups and to grade group work, and to streamline the grading process.

Motivating your Students to Prepare for Class
Getting students to prepare for class meetings can be a challenge, but doing so is important for making class time productive. In this session, Forum participants will discuss strategies to guide students’ pre-class learning, to make explicit the relevance of students’ pre-class work, and to assess students’ preparation.

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