Focus Group Facilitation

The Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID) process is a tool that provides feedback to faculty about teaching and how a course is working as a whole. Typically scheduled at mid-term, SGID sessions are conducted during 20 – 30 minutes of one class meeting. Without the faculty member present, students provide feedback and inform changes in curriculum design through this data-collection process. After the focus group session, consultants collect and summarize the data from students and share it with faculty who in turn return to students with a summary of what changes will be made in the class. This process keeps students involved and helps the instructor make needed changes before the end of the course and thus, can have a positive influence on final course evaluations as well as student learning. 

After conducting the SGID, CTL consultants are available to assist faculty in ongoing efforts to improve their courses. Consultants can also work with groups of faculty teaching a common course to demonstrate how they can collect and provide mid-term student or peer feedback for each other.

Alternatively, mid-term student feedback can be collected using an online survey. Our consultants can work with faculty to tailor an online survey to meet individual needs.

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