Classroom Observations

The CTL provides classroom observations for faculty interested in receiving confidential, formative feedback on their teaching. Instructional consultants use a standardized CTL Classroom Observation form to observe class sessions but, upon request, can also provide feedback on aspects of teaching not listed on the form.

Performing a classroom observation consists of the following steps:

  1. a pre-observation meeting between the consultant and the faculty member to discuss the observation process and to establish the context of, goals for, and date of the observation;
  2. the observation itself, which can encompass all of the selected class period or only a portion of it;
  3. the consultant drafting the report and sending it to the faculty member; and
  4. a post-observation meeting to discuss the report and to identify next steps that the faculty member may wish to take to improve his or her teaching.

Classroom observation requests should be made as early in the semester as possible to increase the probability that an instructional consultant will be available to observe the class on the date preferred by the faculty member.

Please complete the consultation form by clicking the link below or email us at at least two weeks prior to the preferred observation date to allow enough time for the consultant and the faculty member to schedule a pre-observation meeting.

Click here to fill out a consultation form

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