CCT Semester Three: Taking a Reflective Approach to Teaching

III. Spring Semester: Scholarly-Teaching Practices 

What Will Participants Learn?
Participants will further strengthen their scholarly teaching practices and prepare for the teaching demonstrations that are often part of faculty and other academic job interviews. By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • Design a Scholarly Teaching Project 
  • Present a Teaching Demonstration
  • Compose a teaching philosophy utilizing self-reflections and peer and mentor feedback.
What Will Participants Do?
Step 1: Understanding What Scholarly Teaching Is
  • Attend the following cohort meetings:
    • Designing a Scholarly Teaching Project
    • CCT Participant Teaching Demonstrations
  • Attend TWO required workshops:
    • Documenting Your Teaching Effectiveness in Graduate School
    • Preparing and Delivering a Teaching Demonstration
  • Optional Activities:
    • Attend the workshop on Teaching Portfolio Guide for Graduate Students and Postdocs
    • Attend E.C. Moore Symposium on Excellence in Teaching
Step 2: Developing Scholarly Teaching Practices
Primary, lab, and recitation instructors:
  • Utilizing self-reflection and peer feedback on teaching from semester two, complete a literature review, construct a teaching-as-research hypothesis, and design a Scholarly Teaching project. STEM students are encouraged to participate in the CIRTL MOOC on Advancing Learning Through Evidence Based STEM Teaching.
  • Arrange for CTL consultant to observe one of your teaching sessions; hold post-observation meeting with consultant.
  • Optional: Arrange for a disciplinary faculty member to observe you teaching another class session.
How Will Participants be Assessed?
Required Submissions:
  • Scholarly Teaching project plan
  • Teaching Demonstration materials, as well as peer feedback and your reflections
  • Statement of Teaching Philosophy
  • Post-Observation Report from CTL Consultant

Post-Curriculum Requirements

  • Meet with CTL Consultant and submit finalized teaching portfolio (components listed below)
  • Complete Post-CCT Skills Survey (online)

Components of Foundational Teaching Portfolio

  • Completed CCT Program Paperwork with Appropriate Signatures
  • Preliminary Teaching Philosophy Statement (based on Statements of Reflection)
  • Sample Lesson Plans and Sample Instructional and Assessments Materials 
  • Teaching Observation Reports 
Semester One: Foundational Teaching Principles

Semester Two: Disciplinary Teaching

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