Certificate in College Teaching

The Certificate in College Teaching (CCT) program provides IUPUI graduate students with the opportunity to develop and document the college teaching skills that are critical for a successful academic career. Structured to be completed in three semesters, the program requires participants to attend workshops and webinars, as well as facilitated discussions with other program participants.

In semester one, participants explore foundational teaching principles and the effective use of appropriate instructional technology. In semester two, participants consider evidence-based disciplinary approaches to teaching; based on what they learn, they then create and implement a class or lab lesson plan and reflect on the results, including on the ways in which they have integrated technology. In the final semester, participants progress towards devloping scholarly teaching practices and prepare for delivering a teaching demonstration as is often required in interviews for faculty positions. To continuously improve their teaching through a process of planning, monitoring, and evaluation, participants will take a reflective approach to their teaching every semester by combining self-reflections with feedback from their peers, CTL and faculty mentors, and their students.

Participants will leave the program having created the foundational components of a teaching portfolio, including sample course materials, teaching observation reports, and a preliminary teaching philosophy statement. Depending on the techniques that participants learned and honed during the certificate program, they may also have the option of co-presenting a session at the IUPUI TA Orientation with a CTL consultant.

The Certificate in College Teaching program is not remedial; it is intended to provide IUPUI graduate teaching assistants with a solid foundation for a successful teaching career after graduation. The program is also intended primarily for doctoral students, but master’s students may apply if they can fit program requirements into their degree timeline. New program cohorts begin each spring semester with a welcome meeting in early January. The CCT program is not a K-12 teacher licensing program and is non-credit bearing. As a result, it will not appear on participants’ transcripts. It can and should be listed on participants’ C.V.s.

For more information about the CCT program, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at thectl@iupui.edu or 317-274-1300.

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