Michelle Quirke, Pamela Rettig, and Lisa Maxwell, IU School of Dentistry

Principal Investigator: Michelle Quirke, visiting clinical assistant professor, IU School of Dentistry

Co-principal Investigators: Michelle Quirke, Pamela Rettig, and Lisa Maxwell, IU School of Dentistry

Project Title: Integrating Self-Assessment into the Dental Hygiene Clinical Practice I Curriculum: Generating Data to Create a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) Designed to Increase Student Confidence and Clinic Performance in Competency Exams

Funding Level: $5,000


Transition from didactic environment to clinic environment requires dental hygiene students develop the ability for rapid self-assessment and critical thinking during chairside clinical practice. However, a review of the recent literature specific to clinical dental hygiene teaching and learning paradigm is limited. Planning assessment early and systemically in the clinic course can provide baseline data to illuminate the relationship between student’s knowledge, and confidence in the clinical environment and successful completion of their competency exams. Faculty can use this data to create a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) geared towards increasing student confidence in their clinical performance, and enhancing knowledge of the dental hygiene process of care. We can analyze existing clinic student data from previous years with data collected from students utilizing the PLP to determine if there is a correlation between increased confidence and competency performance.