Rob Elliott and Connie Justice, School of Engineering and Technology

Principal Investigator: Rob Elliott, lecturer, Department of Computer Information and Graphics Technology, School of Engineering and Technology

Co-principal Investigator: Connie Justice, clinical assistant professor, Department of Computer Information and Graphics Technology, School of Engineering and Technology

Project Title: Development of an Online iOS Application Programming Course

Funding Level: $5,000


The Computer and Information Technology program has successfully developed a course in native mobile application programming for both the Google Android and Apple iOS platforms. Many CIT courses are offered in both traditional classroom as well as online settings, and CIT has been a leader in moving curriculum online. However, iOS applications must be developed with software that can only be run on specific versions of Apple hardware. This restriction limits the ability of students to complete coursework outside of campus. Further, the population of students who own the required hardware is so small that there are simply not enough individuals to participate in an online course. Examination of peer institutions and literature show that although mobile programming courses are becoming more prevalent, the hardware restriction has been the biggest hurdle to wider adoption. The investigators intend to lead a team of student learners in the research and creation of a virtualized environment that will allow students to write iOS applications without regard to hardware constraints, and will allow course participants to interact more fully in team development efforts. The investigators will utilize the CIT Living Lab (, an experiential learning environment, as the business mechanism to make this happen. Finally, the investigators will transition the existing mobile programming course so that it can be offered completely online using the student-­‐built environment. Undergraduate students and faculty will continue to monitor the virtual environment  and will report on its ability to handle the demands of the online course. This first-­‐of-­‐its-­‐kind course will increase enrollment and improve exposure to this emerging field of study, as well as provide a novel solution to a known issue.