Daniel Johnson and Jeffrey Wilson, School of Liberal Arts

Principal Investigator: Daniel Johnson, Chairperson, Department of Geography, School of Liberal Arts

Co-principal Investigator: Jeffrey Wilson, Associate Dean of Research, IU School of Liberal Arts

Project Title: Migrating Core Components of the Certificate in Geographic Information Science into an Online Environment

Funding Level: $15,000


This project seeks to develop online sections for core courses of the Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science and Masters in Geographic Information Science. Currently, the State of Indiana does not have a program, which offers online educational services to GIS professionals. The GIS field is rapidly growing at numerous levels within government and private industry. This project will develop infrastructure to deliver online course content and computational capacity to online students allowing them to understand both theoretical and applied concepts in geographic information science. Primarily we will seek to compare the instructional effectiveness of open source GIS software to proprietary (ESRI) delivery systems. Such a comparison has not been done in an instructional setting and this effort will provide a solid foundation in which to develop our entire program into an online delivery environment.