Submitter:Judi Izuka Campbell: Research Associate. Medial Humanities - Heath Studies Program

Additional (2):(Co-investigator) – Emily Beckman, DMH Assistant Scholar. Medial Humanities - Heath Studies Program.

Project:New interdisciplinary survey course on Western medicine and healthcare, MHHS M201

Title:MHHS M201 Survey Course

CTL Funding Level:$5,000.00

Abstract:Proposed is a new interdisciplinary survey course in Medical Humanities & Health Studies (MHHS M201) with a focus on the contributions of different humanities, social science, and practical disciplines to the knowledge base of Western health care and medicine. Approximately five to seven disciplinary perspectives will be presented by the coordinating faculty and guest lecturers representing their respective fields. The coordinating faculty will integrate the disciplines along the lines of specific healthcare topics. The course is designed to draw upon a wide base of undergraduate students for both inclusion within established programs, as well as a foundation course for a new degree program currently being developed in health studies and medical humanities. The growth in the life science industry in the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area will directly impact much of the IUPUI student population planning on settling in the area. This course will introduce a broad spectrum of students to perspectives on health care that are outside or receive limited attention in the typical training in medicine and healthcare. Its overall goal is to familiarize students with integral societal, bioethical, and cultural issues through interdisciplinary study. From this exposure, students will have a better idea of how medicine and healthcare affect their lives, whether or not individual students plan to pursue careers in the industry.