Submitter:Jennifer Cochrane, PI

Additional (6):Anthropology A103: Human Origins and Pre-History (Chris Glidden); History H114: History of Western Civilization 2 (Jason Kelly); Political Science Y103: Intro to American Politics (Jeramy Townsley); Women Studies W105: Intro to Women?s Studies (Catherine Dobris) African American Diaspora Studies A140, Introduction to African American and African Diaspora Studies (Gwen Crenshaw). The SLA21 project manager is Jennifer Cochrane, Communication Studies.

Title:The IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI Meets the 21st Century: A Proposal For Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age

CTL Funding Level:$15,000

Abstract:This project (SLA21), proposed by an inter-disciplinary team in the School of Liberal Arts, is designed to inspire change away from teacher-focused, one-way, non-collaborative teaching methods in multi-section, gateway courses, to pedagogies that focus on the learner, utilize technology and the tools of the Internet to help students learn how to learn; that can be customized to fit individual learning styles; and that offer the learner opportunities for collaboration with each other, with the instructor, and the global community. Currently embedded in our teaching are methodologies that have not caught up with the needs of the current generation of learners. The “pre-Gutenberg” model of education, where the teacher is the source of all knowledge and the student is a receptacle for information is not the most appropriate one for today’s Net generation. It is the intent of the SLA21 team to inspire a shift in methodology by using technology to redesign one section each of five introductory courses in the School of Liberal Arts with the hopes that the new pedagogies in that section will inform the remaining course sections thus better preparing students for learning, living and working in the 21st century.