Call for Proposals

2020 Scholarly Teaching Symposium

Call for Proposals Closed

The 2020 Scholarly Teaching Symposium seeks proposals for short (10-minute) virtual presentations focused on what faculty learned about their own teaching practices and their impact on students’ learning in the changed and challenging teaching circumstances during recent past and current semesters.

Although most faculty are still pressed for time as they look forward to an even more complex teaching situation in the fall, it might be valuable to take some time to reflect on what happened during the sudden shift to teaching online and discern what lessons were learned that will enhance instruction and ensure student learning in the coming semesters. Reflection also will enable peers to develop some common understanding of the dimensions of the shift. The proposals can focus on reflections in the following areas:

  1. Quick transition to remote teaching in Spring 2020
  2. Course redesign for Summer and Fall 2020 courses
  3. Experiences related to teaching and learning in a new course format

The proposals may discuss implications of responsible and effective course design or other strategies designed to enhance student learning and success in an uncertain teaching context.

Proposal Format and Content

Proposals might approach reflections on recent experiences in teaching with the following prompts in mind:

  1. Briefly tell us about your course.
    • Course number and title
    • Course format prior to transition
    • Course format after transition
    • Number of students in your course
  2. Provide an abstract of your proposal.
  3. What challenges or changes have you experienced due to the transition to remote teaching and learning?
    • Academic integrity
    • Content delivery
    • Fostering a positive and equitable environment for learning
    • Assessing student learning
    • Student to faculty communication
    • Faculty to student communication
    • Student to student communication 
    • Creating a sense of community
    • Being responsive to student needs
    • Managing one’s own health and well-being
    • Using technology effectively
    • Active learning
    • Other (please explain)
  4. Which challenge will your presentation focus on? 
  5. How did you or will you address the challenge? (e.g., strategies, solutions, approaches, etc.) 
  6. How did you or will you capture the impact of your work on student learning and student success?
  7. What lessons have you learned that will shape your future teaching online and perhaps your teaching in general? 
  8. When your teaching returns to the pre-pandemic format, what aspects of your course and teaching practices will you retain?