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Assessing Writing Assignments for Non-native English Speaking Students in Your Classes


Estela Ene, Frank Smith


Terri Tarr


Friday, October 3, 2014, 12 noon - 1:30 p.m. EDT


UL 1125M

Do you have international students and other non-native speakers of English in your class? Do you wonder how, without significantly increasing your workload, you can assess writing assignments in a manner that acknowledges the difficulty non-native speakers may have? The international population is growing by leaps and bounds, and faculty need to approach writing assessment in a way that acknowledges challenges of writing in a student’s second, third, or even fourth language. This workshop will define the typical difficulties non-native speakers of English may have with writing and will illustrate, with examples assessment tools, effective pedagogical solutions for assessing writing assignments in any discipline or course level.

Questions addressed in this workshop include:
•    What is good student writing, and what is truly important when evaluating a student’s paper?
•    Why do some students who have been studying English for a long time still make the same mistakes?
•    What pedagogical techniques can be implemented in assessment without spending significantly more time than with native English speaking students?

The workshop will begin with a group reflection and discussion on perceptions of good writing and writing by non-native speakers of English. The presenters will involve the audience in analyses of student writing, alternating between small- and large-group discussion and presentation of content by the workshop leaders.


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