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Enhancing Teaching and Learning with Intergroup Dialogue


Daniel Griffith, Alice Jones, Lauren Easterling, Margo Foreman, Marianne Wokeck


Lauren Easterling


Wednesday, December 3, 2014, 2 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. EST


UL 1116

Intergroup dialogues are facilitated, face-to-face interactions between individuals from two or more social identity groups.  They focus on issues related to social justice, social group membership, identity, and the positionality (privilege and oppression) of the groups represented.  Based on research, intergroup dialogue processes greatly enhance both cognitive and experiential learning around topics involving diversity, cultural competence and social justice when compared to traditional content courses on the same subjects absent IGD teaching components.   IUPUI has embarked on a campus-wide initiative to incorporate intergroup dialogue principles, pedagogy and practices into undergraduate, graduate and professional level courses and curriculum, as well as co-curricular learning and faculty and staff professional development.  This workshop will:

  • Describe intergroup dialogue and the four-stage learning model adapted from the University of Michigan Program on Intergroup Relations (www.igr.umich.edu)
  • Share research demonstrating  the benefits of sustained IGD processes to  foster greater commitment among students to issues of diversity and social justice than more traditional diversity education programs
  • Provide guidance to participants on considerations for incorporating IGD into their courses, classroom activities, and experiential and co-curricular learning opportunities
  • Discuss future opportunities for curriculum development support for faculty interested in incorporating IGD into their curriculum, teaching and research


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