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Digital Storytelling: A Hands-On Design and Application Workshop


Lauren Easterling, Kristin Norris


Lauren Easterling


Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. EST


UL 1125M

This session is designed for those interested in implementing digital stories in their program or course and want to learn effective strategies for creating and assessing digital stories in a hand’s-on setting. Participants will create their own digital story, and identify resources to help their students create them on their own. You will learn about what makes for a great digital story, free resources available, information about copyright and intellectual property, digital literacy information for your students, and develop a tool you can use to assess student products.

Part of the digital storytelling process is the creation of a script.  While we will have a prepared script that you can use, we would encourage those of you that want to show your script to your students to prepare a draft of a script related to your assignment prior to the start of the session.  Please choose a single topic, and type/write out a script that is no longer than 2-3 minutes in length when read aloud (approximately half a page single-spaced). 

For this session, we can provide a PC laptop, and encourage you to use a PC. We will be using Microsoft Photo Story 3 and recommend you download (free) it ahead of time if you are bringing your own device.  If you are a Mac user, you are still welcome to bring your own device. It is recommended that Mac users use iMovie.  Be aware that the tools and process will vary between these two systems.


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