Annual Events

Associate Faculty Teaching Forum - August  
The Center for Teaching and Learning annually holds the Associate Faculty Teaching Forum at the beginning of each Fall semester.  This event promotes the professional development of both beginning and returning Associate Faculty (part-time/adjunct), offering sessions that engage faculty in conversation with CTL consultants and with other associate faculty colleagues about teaching methodologies, classroom techniques, and new ways of using technology in the classroom and online. 

IUPUI Teaching Assistant Orientation - August
The CTL organizes the annual IUPUI TA Orientation, which is an all-day event that helps prepare IUPUI graduate students to teach for the first time.  Orientation sessions cover a wide range of topics, including:  understanding university policies and procedures, student privacy issues, using classroom technology, grading, and balancing personal and professional duties. This event also includes a Resource Fair where TAs can meet representatives from the various units and offices that support graduate and undergraduate student success on campus.

Curriculum Enhancement Grant CEG Symposium - October
The Center for Teaching and Learning offers a grant called the Curriculum Enhancement Grant (CEG). The symposium is held to honor and celebrate the successes of the group of Curriculum Enhancement Grant (CEG) awardees for that year and generally features a keynote speaker.  The purpose of the CEG is to provide faculty with support, time, and resources to implement projects designed to improve student learning and success at IUPUI and IUPU Columbus.

Early Career Teaching Academy- February
The Early Career Teaching Academy fosters and supports a multi-disciplinary network of selected Early Career Teaching Fellows.  Early Career Teaching Academy provides a setting within which faculty members can create and develop a powerful teaching career that is rooted in evidence-based active learning strategies and high-impact educational practices, and designed to facilitate student success. Faculty who become Early Career Teaching Fellows will be in a position to play a leading role in efforts to develop a culture of expert teaching within departments and schools at IUPUI, to document and promote their teaching successes, and to serve as effective teaching mentors for future faculty. 

IUPUI T.A. Spring Colloquium - February
In addition to the TA Orientation given annually in the fall, the CTL offers a Graduate Student Colloquium on Teaching in the spring, specifically for graduate teaching assistants. The event focuses on helping TA's develop their ability to think critically and reflectively about their work in the classroom or lab.

Edward C. Moore Symposium - March
The E.C. Moore Symposium on Excellence in Teaching brings the Indiana higher education community together to explore the tools and techniques that encourage student learning. The symposium offers an opportunity to hear lectures by keynote speakers, attend workshops, and discuss current trends, nd issues in teaching by participating in panel discussions.  The E. C. Moore Symposium seeks to foster collaboration across disciplinary and institutional lines. 

CTL Lecture Series
The CTL annually invites nationally recognized scholars who have made a significant contributions in their disciplines, as well as, to teaching and learning in their disciplines.

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