This is the new listserv for IU Student Response Systems (SRS), commonly referred to as "clickers". In an effort to streamline communications across IU, the Teaching and Learning Centers at IU and IUPUI have decided to merge all listservs pertaining to student response systems and clickers. This listserv will serve as the single source of communication pertaining to both TurningPoint Cloud and Top Hat. Our goal is to only provide relevant information such as upcoming events, important product updates, and help if we are seeing any widespread issues.

The first piece of news is an important note regarding TurningPoint Cloud. If you notice a pop-up when first loading your PowerPoint that asks whether you want to use Excel charts, click YES. We have been seeing PowerPoint running very sluggish if the option appears and the instructor clicks “No” or closes out the window. See the following image for more specific instructions:

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You can keep up to date with student response system information through the Knowledge Base and programming events through your campus’s teaching and learning center. If you have any questions or need help visit: At IU, where can I get technical support for Turning Technologies response systems?