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IU eTexts 101 a practical guide ebook The IU eText program provides substantial discounts to students of up to 75% off the retail cost of a printed textbook. The program allows you to select your course materials from more than 30 publishers and over 100,000 titles—all at substantial discounts. If your book is not on the list, IU eText will work with the publisher to attempt to add it to the collection.

The IU eText program also includes publisher course materials and digital learning tools at a substantial discount. These cover a range of options, from problem sets and adaptive learning tools to games and simulations, video feedback tools. Additionally, you can add your own documents and open educational resources to the eText platform to make it easier for students to access them anywhere from any device. 

The cost of etexts and related materials are included in students' bursar bills which means they count as part of the tuition and fees that are used to calculate financial aid. Since they are paid for through the Bursar bill, etexts and other materials are available to all students on the first day of class through Canvas. In its continuing efforts to reduce costs for students, IU is now offering flat-fee pricing from McGraw-Hill with eTexts for $35 and digital learning tools available from $50–60.

The IU eTexts orders for spring semester courses can be placed between early September and late October. Orders for summer and fall classes begin in early February and close the end of March for summer and the end of April for fall.

Printed textbook and/or course materials that are not available through the IU eText program can be ordered through Barnes and Noble.

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