2020 IUPUI TA Orientation

If you are new graduate student teaching assistant or an undergraduate or graduate classroom assistant...

Join us for the 2020 IUPUI TA Orientation

  • Learn about the expectations and responsibilities associated with your specific teaching role in an online and face-to-face class.

  • Develop strategies to confidently and effectively interact with faculty and undergraduate students.

  • Discuss strategies for managing classroom safety during COVID-19.
  • Meet and build relationships with other new and experienced TAs at IUPUI.

The 2020 TA Orientation will consist of virtual Zoom sessions and an online Canvas course. You must attend the virtual Zoom sessions and complete the online modules in order to successfully complete TA orientation. 

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Hybrid TA Orientation

Virtual Zoom Sessions

The virtual Zoom sessions, led by experienced TAs and faculty members, feature a combination of whole group sessions that focus on strategies for leveraging student diversity and breakout sessions which address topics and challenges specific to undergraduate and graduate classroom assistants, lab instructors, and graders. This year's orientation will also include a session on managing classroom safety during COVID-19. 

The Zoom sessions were held on Thursday, August 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 


Online Canvas Course

The online Canvas Course, "IUPUI policies, procedures, and resources for graduate students," introduces graduate students to policies, procedures, and campus resources relevant to their teaching roles. The online course also features additional modules on using the university library and being an international TA. Policies pertaining to COVID-19 will not be included in this course, but will be addressed in the virtual Zoom sessions.

Undergraduate and graduate students recruited as Classroom Assistants are not required to enroll in this course. If you are not sure about your role, please contact the program chairs with questions. 

Self-enroll in the Canvas course

If you are an undergraduate or graduate classroom assistant...

In addition to attending the virtual Zoom sessions on August 20, enroll in and complete the IUPUI Classroom Assistant Training course on Canvas. This self-paced Canvas course is designed to provide you the training and resources you will need to perform the duties and responsibilities as a classroom assistant successfully. You are not required to enroll in TA Orientation Canvas course on policies, procedures, and resources.


If you are the primary instructor of record...

Enroll in and complete the .  This is a badged professional development opportunity where you can work on your own to learn more about teaching online, in-person with physical distancing, or a mix of online and in-person as you prepare for Fall 2020. You will select from a variety of learning experiences which will be completed independently and include activities such as live and recorded webinars, online resources, readings, and application assignments in this Canvas site.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • New and current IUPUI graduate students with first-time teaching responsibilities during fall, spring, or summer semesters of the current academic year are encouraged to attend the TA Orientation. Teaching responsibilities can include being primary instructors, recitation leaders, lab instructors, or graders. Note: Some departments require first-time TAs to attend the orientation. 
  • Undergraduate and graduate classroom assistants who will be supporting instructors.

Registration requires using IU username and password through the CAS login system. Please have Two-Step Login (Duo) set-up for your IU account to successfully login to the CAS system and access the registration page. 

If you are required to attend the TA Orientation, your registration and attendance record will be shared with your program cooordinators as necessary. 

The TA Orientation is offered during the start of the current academic year. The in-person session is held on the Thursday before the fall semester classes begin. Note: Academic year starts in the fall semester and ends with the summer semester.

The virtual Zoom session will be held on Thursday, August 20 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. You can self-enroll in the the Online Canvas course. 

Graduate students expecting to be first-time TAs in the fall, spring, or summer semester of the current academic year are encouraged to attend the TA Orientation. If the TA Orientation is mandatory in your department, please check with your program coordinator to confirm if you need to attend it. If you are unsure about your role, please contact the organizers to determine which breakout session is best suited for you. 

PowerPoint presentations and recordings of select sessions from the TA Orientation will be made available in the Canvas course after the event. This information will also be shared through a post-event email sent to all attendees. This post-event email can be submitted as proof of attendance to program coordinators in departments that require mandatory attendance of the orientation.

Graduate students who miss the TA Orientation will have to discuss next steps with their respective departments. Apart from providing online resources from the TA Orientation, the CTL does not conduct make-up orientations.

We do not offer a TA Orientation during the spring or summer semesters. Graduate students anticipating to be first-time TAs later in the year can attend the TA Orientation in fall.

For more information, contact:

Anusha Rao, Ph.D.
Assistant Director
IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning
Office: 317-278-0589

Jessica Alexander, Ph.D.
Instructional Consultant
IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning
Office: 317-278-0585

IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning
Office: 317-274-1300


The CTL's  provides ongoing support for graduate students and postdocs to continue developing their teaching skills.

IUPUI TA Orientation is co-sposored by the and the