CCT Semester One: Foundational Teaching Principles

Pre-Curriculum Requirements

I. Spring Semester: Foundational Teaching Principles

What Will Participants Learn?
Participants will develop a foundational understanding of basic teaching principles and be able to:
  • Apply the principle of alignment between learning objectives, instructional activities, and assessments in their own teaching.
  • Create a new rubric or modify an existing one to assess a graded assignment in their disciplinary teaching.
  • Identify at least two Canvas tools/features that can enhance their students' learning and illustrate examples of how those tools/features can be applied in their teaching context.
  • Reflect on the development of their teaching skills and begin to articulate their preliminary teaching philosophy using suitable examples and evidence.
What Will Participants Do?
Step 1: Introduction to Foundational Principles and Resources Available at IUPUI
  • Attend SIX required webinars in Instructional Design and Instructional Technology:
    • Creating a Syllabus
    • From Learning Goals to Learning Objectives
    • Creating Rubrics that Work
    • Classroom Assessment Techniques
    • Collaborative Learning
    • Canvas: Peer Assessment OR Canvas: Using Groups
  • Attend TWO elective webinars and/or workshops, one in Instructional Design and one in Instructional Technology:
    • Lecturing with the Learner in Mind
    • Giving Feedback
    • First Day of Class
    • Designing Assignments
    • Slideshow Best Practices
    • Getting Started with Canvas
    • Using Clickers in Large Classes (workshop)
    • Global Learning (workshop)
  • Attend the following cohort meetings:
    • Pre-CCT Assesments Discussion and Canvas Tools
    • Rubric Design and Canvas Workshop
Step 2: Reflecting on Foundational Principles
  • Based on what you have learned in step 1:
    • Complete First Statement of Reflection that explains your current teaching practice and how you will change the way you teach a class session in your current course.
    • Using peer and CTL mentor feedback from the second cohort meeting, revise your rubric draft for one graded assignment that is most representative of your teaching context.
How Will Participants be Assessed?
Required submissions:
  • First Statement of Reflection
  • Final rubric with associated assignment prompt
Semester Two: Disciplinary Teaching

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