Mosaic Faculty Fellows Program

The Mosaic Active Learning Initiative is Indiana University's comprehensive set of services and strategies to support faculty and students using active learning spaces.

The Mosaic Faculty Fellows program gives instructors the support they need to transform their teaching and promote engaged student learning. The program has four goals:

  • Preparing faculty members to teach in active learning classrooms by introducing them to new instructional strategies and technologies
  • Building a community of faculty members who collaborate to advance their own teaching and to mentor colleagues exploring new pedagogies
  • Promoting evidence-based teaching by encouraging instructors to study the impacts of new spaces and instructional approaches on student learning
  • Creating faculty leaders who work together to guide the development of new learning spaces across the university

The Mosaic Faculty Fellows program is a one-year commitment to transforming teaching and contributing to the development of learning spaces and related teaching practices at IUPUI. To learn more about the program and its benefits, please visit:  

If you have questions, please contact:

Center for Teaching and Learning

phone: (317) 274-1300
755 West Michigan Street
UL 1125
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5146
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