Shana Stump, IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI

Principal Investigator: Shana Stump, clinical professor, Department of Political Science, IU School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI

Project Title: Taking Introduction to Law Online

Funding Level: $5,000


Political Science POLSY211 (“Y211”), “Introduction to Law”, is the foundational course to all of the Political Science Department’s legal programs, including the Law in Liberal Arts Major, Legal Studies Minor, and Paralegal Certificate. The course is also accepted toward the Political Science Major and Minor and applicable to many other courses of study, such as business, education, and social work. To date, the course has only been offered in a traditional face-to-face format, denying students the flexibility in access we know they desire and failing to keep up with the technological reality of the legal profession. This project seeks to develop a fully online section of Y211 in order to 1) expand online Political Science offerings; 2) increase Political Science, legal studies programs, and Y211 enrollment; and 3) support further online course development in legal studies programs, particularly specialty paralegal electives taught by expert adjunct faculty.