Michael Lanning, School of Science at IUPUI

Principal Investigator: Michael Lanning, lecturer, Department of Psychology, School of Science at IUPUI

Project Title: Development of B340-Cognition On-line

Funding Level:  $2,911


The purpose of the proposed grant is to increase the flexibility of the psychology curriculum to students by adding an online B340 Cognition course. The need for the conversion of courses to an online format throughout the psychology curriculum is growing. The challenge facing all instructors is to develop an online version that meets and exceeds on-campus formats in student satisfaction, learning, and success. In addition, each department needs to have faculty members that understand the process of creating and maintaining an online course. The impact of his project is large. Approximately 400 students enroll in B340Cognition each year. B340Cognition was recently added to the Foundation courses in the psychology major. Funds from this grant will support the development of B340 Cognition online.