Morhaf Al Achkar, IU School of Medicine

Principal Investigator: Morhaf Al Achkar, Assistant Professor of Clinical Family Medicine, Department of Family Medicine, IU School of Medicine

Project Title: Case-Based e-Learning in a Blended Classroom Model Improving Communication and Student Engagement through Blended Instruction

Funding Level: $5,000


Educational technologies provide unlimited opportunities to support and transform learning. The increasing sophistication of web-based learning technologies have enabled learners to connect and collaborates enhancing learning in ways previously not conceivable.

The Indiana University Family Medicine Residency Program utilizes structured experience for learning clinical practice in case-based learning through Grand Rounds (GR), which engages learners (residents and physician assistant students) in a peer teaching/learning experience.

Learning in the classroom is often hindered by poor attendance, poorly planned sessions, and lack of engagement. When the residents were surveyed in 2014 regarding GR, they identified improving the discussion, making presentations more dynamic, and engaging more specialists as the main areas in need for improvement.

The CEG supported project will embed/infuse online pre-class activities that will engage the learners with the cases prior to attending classroom and thus transform GR from an in-class only learning to a hybrid model of education redefined by technology. The grant will also support the use a mixed method analysis to pilot-evaluate the effectiveness of the GR learning and the residents experience with the blended model for CBL.