Julia Carboni, IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs, IUPUI

Principal Investigator: Julia Carboni, Assistant Professor, IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs, IUPUI

Project Title: Hunger as a Community Issue: Facilitating Dialog on Community and Social Justice at Home

Funding Level: $5,000


Dr. Carboni proposes hunger and anti-hunger efforts as a new topic for the SPEA-V 450: Contemporary Issues in Public Affairs course to provide students with an immersive, experiential learning experience centered on understanding hunger and anti-hunger efforts in the United States and central Indiana. The course emphasizes hunger as health, economic and social issue. Students will examine multi-faceted responses to combat hunger that include public policy, nonprofit organizations and coalition building. Students will understand these issues from an academic and experiential context. In the experiential portion of the course, students will engage in service learning to understand efforts to combat hunger in central Indiana. These experiences will incorporate the four-stage dialogue model developed by the University of Michigan Program on Intergroup Relations.

Students will be drawn from multiple schools across campus. This course will have appeal for SPEA, social work, philanthropy and liberal arts students in particular. Carboni is also working with SPEA’s Diversity Enrichment Manager to develop retention, mentoring and professional skills programming for African American undergraduate males who will be strongly encouraged to take this course. The course impact will be evaluated at the student and community level.