Debora Herold, School of Science at IUPUI

Principal Investigator: Debora Herold, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology, School of Science at IUPUI

Project Title: B110 Course Enhancement: Improving Design and Dissemination

Funding Level: $5,000


The purpose of the proposed grant is to enhance the undergraduate psychology curriculum at IUPUI,

specifically those students taking B110 Introduction to Psychology. This course was redesigned in 2012 to include a new eBook and various other innovative teaching pedagogies. The online section was revamped with the support of a previous Curriculum Enhancement Grant in 2013. It is now necessary to move the course, both face-to-face and online sections, into the Canvas learning management system. The course is currently administered with the support of an independently designed website and gradebook that students link to through Oncourse. This website houses our online homework as well as other resources and assignments. Some of the features of our website and gradebook are quite unique, however they are also growing outdated, demand certain limitations, and are costly to maintain. This project will involve moving all course components, including exams, assignments, and resources into Canvas. This will necessitate rewriting the existing homework exercises, which currently consist of 152 different exercises. These course improvements will impact a large number of students as over 2500 students enroll in B110 each year. It is anticipated that these course developments will benefit student learning, simplify the way the course is disseminated, reduce costs for the Psychology Department, and provide opportunities for research on teaching and learning and best practices in both face-to-face and online education.