Bethany Murray and Deborah Judge, IU School of Nursing, IUPU Columbus

Principal Investigator: Bethany Murray, Assistant Professor, IU School of Nursing, IUPU Columbus

Co-principal Investigators: Deborah Judge, , Assistant Professor,  IU School of Nursing, IUPU Columbus

Project Title: A Creative Campus Collaboration: Building a Common Course Format

Funding Level: $10,000


The nursing hybrid online program, which advances the education of Registered Nurses (RNs) from an associate to a baccalaureate degree, is rapidly growing on the Indiana University Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC) campus. Over 200 students are now enrolled in this program. With the implementation of the new CANVAS learning management system (LMS), both faculty and students in the nursing division will have additional educational demands alongside their usual academic expectations. This project will provide curriculum templates within the CANVAS LMS for full-time

and adjunct nursing faculty who teach in the RN-BSN program for all twenty (20) of the existing RNBSN courses. Faculty will be able to “step into” a course and tailor it to meet the needs of the course following course objectives by using the existing CANVAS functions to modify the curriculum as desired. The intent of this project is threefold: 1) to facilitate the smooth transition to the CANVAS LMS for the nursing division at IUPUC; 2) to provide a standardized baseline in the look and presentation of the LMS for students; and to create three super-users within the nursing division who will serve as resources to faculty. This project will take 4 months for completion beginning with summer 2015 and ending in mid-fall. Results will be disseminated at the CEG symposium in 2016, at the IU School of Nursing BSN program retreat and at the IUSON at IUPUC Advisor’s meeting.