Scott Renshaw, School of Medicine

Principal Investigator:  Scott Renshaw Assistant Professor of Clinical Family Medicine and Clerkship Director, Department of Family Medicine, School of Medicine

Project Title: Choosing Your Own Adventure: Utilizing Standardized Patients in an Online Learning Environment in Motivational Interviewing for Family Medicine Clerkship Students

Funding Level: $4,880


Motivational interviewing is a counseling approach to help the patient embrace necessary behavioral changes in order to be successful in adopting a healthier lifestyle. The primary focus of this project aims to enhance the existing Motivational Interviewing online module currently used as part of the Family Medicine Clerkship experience for third-year medical students. This project will create a self-directed learning tool allowing students to apply concepts and techniques associated with the motivational interviewing process. As an asynchronous tool, the learner controls the online patient encounter as he or she progresses through the module. At each step of the patient encounter, learners will be asked to select a course of action that advances the patient encounter. This new resource will allow the learner to practice; their motivational interviewing techniques on a standardized patient in a cost-effective manner while providing equivalent experiences regardless of the learner's clinical placement.