Marjorie Hovde, School of Engineering and Technology

Principal Investigator: Marjorie Hovde, TITLE, Department of Technology Leadership and Communication, School of Engineering and Technology

Project Title: Developing and Assessing Online Graduate Courses for Technical Communication

Funding Level: $5,000


With the advent of new technologies, technical communication as a field is growing. Many end users of technology expect that the communication about technology will be clear and useful. In addition, new communication technologies are becoming available, and the conventions for communication change along with each advance in these technologies. For these reasons, the Technical Communication (TCM) program is proposing the transformation of existing courses into online graduate courses that will prepare prospective technical communicators as well as graduate students in technical fields to communicate well. In developing these courses, we will integrate ongoing practices of assessment that involve multiple means of assessing student learning achievement goals and then using these findings to revise future offerings of these courses. We plan to develop the courses in summer of 2014 and then offer them during the academic year 2014-2015. These courses will benefit graduate students by offering education in both theory and practice; the courses will also benefit students from other majors who wish to improve their technical communication abilities and knowledge.