James Nehf, School of Law

Principal Investigator: James Nehf, professor of law and Cleon H. Foust Fellow, School of Law

Project Title: Payment Systems OnlineĀ 

Funding Level: $5,000


The grant would develop a two- or three-credit online law school course in Payment Systems. This course, which Professor Nehf has taught in traditional classroom format for many years, primarily studies the creation and transfer of negotiable instruments (e.g., drafts and promissory notes), the liability of parties on such instruments, bank-collection systems (i.e., check collection and check processing), electronic funds transfers, and payment by credit card and debit card. Most of the course materials are found in fairly complex statutory and regulatory laws that are not intuitively accessible, making it ideal for a course delivery system that requires students to work with these technical resources in a series of online problems and exercises that can explore the depth and nuances of the relevant laws. The textbook that Professor Nehf has selected for this course is a problem-oriented book that is well suited for online delivery. If executed as planned, students should be able to cover more material and have a deeper understanding of this area of the law than they would have in a traditional classroom setting. Payment Systems is an elective course for the newly created Certificate in Corporate and Commercial Law at our law school, and is a subject that is tested on most state bar exams. It is expected that more students would take this course if they had the opportunity to learn the material in an online format, thereby helping them to earn the Certificate and become better prepared for the bar exam and legal practice.