Erica Berte, IUPU Columbus, Business

Principal Investigator: Erica Berte, IUPU Columbus, assistant professor of management, Business, IUPU Columbus

Project Title: Developing an online International Business Environments and Operations class: A core class in the IUPUC Business program

Funding Level: $3,576


International Business Environment and Operations (BUS-BUS- D 301) involves the different environments that affect international business such as the cultural, political, legal, economic and financial environments. This is a core class in the Business Program at IUPUC. As part of the Division of Business Strategic Plan all core classes should be offered online to help students with scheduling flexibility. This class has been offered three times an academic year, enrolling; 96 students per year. In an online format BUS-D 301 can in help to increase retention and graduation rates at IUPUC.