Claudia Grossman, School of Liberal Arts

Principal Investigator: Claudia Grossman, senior lecturer, Department of World Languages and Cultures, School of Liberal Arts

Project Title: Enhancing German Language Courses through Online Delivery

Funding Level: $4,502


The proposed project includes the development of an online course in Translation Practice at the intermediate/advanced-level, as well as the assessment and evaluation of our first online course in Business German and two hybrid introductory German courses, G 131 and G 132, all three of which are being piloted in the spring of 2014. In addition to assessing the two introductory courses, the grant will support to move these courses to a fully online format. The online or hybrid version of these courses is expected to increase learner autonomy, contribute to collaborative learning, and facilitate degree completion for students from non-Liberal Arts disciplines while also supporting the campus mission of making global learning a hallmark of an IUPUI degree, across all disciplines and at all levels (Strategic Plan for Internationalization, 2007). The approach is based on student-centered, self-directed learning which is facilitated through interactive technology and instructor guidance. The intermediate language courses in Business German and Translation Practice will be developed as models for applied language courses which are informed by pedagogical and technological innovations. They will allow for more cross-disciplinary and collaborative learning in an environment that is professional and practical, thus better preparing students for a career in the global market economy which requires functional language skills, intercultural competency, flexibility, and technological adaptiveness.