Rafael Bahamonde, Brian Culp, Lisa Angermeier, Katie Stanton, and Kara Egan, School of Physical Education and Tourism Management

Principal Investigator: Rafael Bahamonde, Professor of Kinesiology, Acting Associate Dean of School of Physical Education and Tourism Management, Department of Kinesiology, School of Physical Education and Tourism Management

Co-principal Investigator: Brian Culp, Associate Professor of Kinesiology; Lisa Angermeier, Clinical Assistant Professor of Kinesiology; Katie Stanton, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, Kara Egan, Clinical Assistant Professor of Kinesiology; Department of Kinesiology, School of Physical Education and Tourism Management

Project Title: Online Professional Development for Physical Education and Health Teachers

Funding Level: $6,000


In 2000, IUPUI started a master program in Physical Education to provide advanced professional opportunities for teachers and professionals in exercise science. Two years later, the State of Indiana stopped requiring a master’s degree for teacher license renewal and moved to a model requiring teachers to have the option of completing six (6) semester hours of approved college courses every five (5) years or to earn professional growth points (PGP) (1 credit hour = 20 points) for merit pay and license renewal. This change in license renewal requirement lead to a decrease in the number of teachers enrolled in our face-face master classes resulting in our school no longer being able to offer the curriculum-teaching track on the master program. There are approximately over 2000 Physical Education (PE) teachers in the state of Indiana who are required to complete professional development (PD). Our undergraduate program is one of the largest PE teacher education (PETE) programs in the state of Indian, but it lacks a viable alternative for PE teachers to earn PD to renew their licenses. PE teachers pursuing graduate classes and PGP want classes that meet their schedules, while applying coursework participating in collaborative learning from a reputable university.

To accomplish this, we are proposing to develop and deliver six graduate level one credit hour online modules for PE teachers. These short one credit hour modules will be delivered in 4 week sessions during the academic year and summer. The modules will cover six areas of PD, aligned with the latest PE standards (see Figure 1). Each module will be assessed using a pre-posttests design on the content and delivery.