Lingma Lu Acheson, School of Science

Principal Investigator: Lingma Lu Acheson, lecturer, Department of Computer and Information Science, School of Science

Project Title: Expansion of the Classroom into the Real World

Funding Level: $3,800


An existing Computer Science course (CSCI N431 – E-Commerce with ASP.NET) is currently taught as a predominately lecture-based class. Course projects are proposed by students (contingent upon instructor approval) and completed in a “feasibility” fashion. There are no “real” clients, objectives or outcomes, but merely the technical planning, production, troubleshooting and fine-tuning requirements typically inherent to computer programming tasks.

This proposal aims to incorporate real-world, client-specified projects originating from corporate, not-for-profit, educational and service-oriented entities, with preference given to the latter three. In this regard, students will not only learn, execute and fulfill the technical requirements of programming in ASP.NET, but they will also gain invaluable experience in client relations. Additionally, the client-based projects will be fashioned in such a way that they will be beyond the scope of what an individual student can accomplish, thus requiring a team-based problem-solving approach.

Numerous technologies not currently utilized within the course will by default be part of this innovative overhaul of CSCI N431. Major focus will be on technologies such as cloud computing (for file sharing), communication tools (Skpe, OnCourse “Course Networking”, etc.) and commercial server specification, selection and implementation.

With this proposal, engagement will be maximized as students are immersed in specific problem-based and peer-led team learning. Additionally, just-in-time teaching will undoubtedly be implemented as every team with be engaged in different, specific projects which will also most likely require peer tutoring to keep team members abreast of evolving challenges throughout the project.