Emily A. McLaughlin, School of Engineering and Technology

Principal Investigator: Emily A. McLaughlin, assistant clinical professor, Department of Engineering Technology, School of Engineering and Technology

Project Title: Development of an Online Graduate Course: TECH 58100 Emergency Management for Facilities Personnel

Funding Level: $2,500


A clear understanding of design strategies and standardized policies for the enhancement of building protection has never been more important for us to comprehend than in recent times. Natural disasters, terrorism and school related violence represent but a few of the dangers which threaten our built environments in unimaginable ways, and jeopardize the foundations of business commerce and personal welfare. The application of mandatory regulations alone is not enough to mitigate for unforeseen disasters. Further practices and methodologies must be introduced in our academic institutions to prepare our future practitioners for the challenges that await them relative to planning for the safety and security of building occupants, particularly in commercial structures such as hospitals, schools and high rises.

Drawing from literature review, as well as a study of pedagogy which examines how these issues relate to the disciplines of engineering, technology, architecture, interior design and facility management, a new graduate course which seeks to relay critical methodology relative to enhanced protection of building occupants and infrastructure must be developed. Demand for this genre of course is high, and has potential to impact the body of knowledge of building specialists around the world when delivered in an online format.