Anna Carmon, IUPU Columbus

Principal Investigator: Anna Carmon, assistant professor, Division of Liberal Arts, Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus

Project Title: Teaching Interpersonal Communication Online

Funding Level: $4,360


There are few online classes offered at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, particularly in the Division of Liberal Arts. Further, there are no online Communication Studies classes offered. This lack of online Communication Studies classes serves to hinder progress in many degree programs, where Interpersonal Communication (COMM-C180) is a requirement. Interpersonal Communication (COMM-C180) provides an introduction to the study of human dyadic interaction. The course addresses topics such as perception, verbal and nonverbal interaction, listening, conflict, and self-disclosure. Currently, two sections of C180 are offered at IUPUC during the Fall and Spring Semesters, each with a cap of 35 students. Through the use of this grant, Interpersonal Communication (COMM-C180) will be converted into an online course that would be offered concurrently with our face-to-face sections of the course currently offered. It would be an additional course offered to increase enrollment and to offer access to a Communication Studies course to those students whose schedule conflicts with those offered on campus. It would be my intention to offer Interpersonal Communication online for the first time during the Spring 2014 semester. The development of this course would be evaluated by IUPUI and IUPUC faculty, students, and through an analysis of DFW rates. My experiences in developing an online version of COMM-C180: Interpersonal Communication will be shared with the IUPUC faculty and staff, my Communication colleagues at the Central States Communication Association annual meeting, and at IUPUI Center for Teaching and Learning’s Curriculum Enhancement Grant Symposium.