Scott Renshaw and Matthew Holley, IU School of Medicine

Principal Investigator: Scott Renshaw, assistant professor of clinical family medicine, clerkship director, Department of Family Medicine, IU School of Medicine

Co-principal Investigator: Matthew Holley, curriculum and instructional design director, visiting lecturer, Department of Family Medicine, IU School of Medicine

Project Title: Family Medicine Clerkship Core Diagnoses Modules

Funding Level: $4,910

Abstract: The Family Medicine Clerkship Core Diagnosis Module project trail blazes a new model of curriculum delivery in the Indiana University School of Medicine. Traditional medical school education is deeply rooted in lectures, taking exams, and being part of a medical team taking care of patients. Students are told what to learn and when to learn it with no attention to individual learning needs or styles. Providing students with readily accessible online learning modules will allow students to customize their personal learning time. In addition, the creation of these modules will dramatically reduce the amount didactic session currently being used in the Family Medicine Clerkship and set a standard for other departments in the School of Medicine to follow.