Leslie Ashburn-Nardo, Purdue School of Science

Principal Investigator: Leslie Ashburn-Nardo, associate professor, Department of Psychology, Purdue School of Science

Project Title: Psychology Undergraduate Curriculum Enhancement: Addressing Curriculum Gaps in Ethics and Diversity

Funding Level: $5,000

Abstract: In its 2007 Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major, the American Psychological Association (APA) outlined five learning goals regarding “knowledge, skills, and values consistent with the science and application of psychology” (p. 9). One of these goals is “Values in Psychology: Students will value empirical evidence, tolerate ambiguity, act ethically, and reflect other values that are the underpinnings of psychology as a science.” This goal is associated with seven suggested learning outcomes, including “[to] recognize the necessity of ethical behavior in all aspects of the science and practice of psychology” and “[to] recognize and respect human diversity.” In a recent extensive review of its undergraduate curriculum, the Department of Psychology agreed that few extant courses address these goals and that there is a strong need to develop a course to remediate these curriculum gaps. The purpose of the proposed project is to develop a course, PSY-B 203 Ethics and Diversity in Psychology, that will introduce students to values and professional issues in psychology with an emphasis on ethics and diversity. Through lectures and guest speakers, readings, discussion, activities, and the examination of case studies, students will learn to recognize the importance of ethical behavior in all aspects of the science and practice of psychology and that sociocultural factors and personal biases may shape research and practice. A further aim of the project is to assess whether students exhibit greater knowledge and appreciation of these core values in psychology as a function of taking the course.