Principal Investigator:Jennifer Stewart, Lecturer, School of Informatics

Co-investigator:William Ryan, Visiting Lecturer, School of Informatics

Project Title:Making Learning Fun: Enhancing Introduction to Informatics Using Instructive Media

Funding Level:$5,000

Abstract:Our gateway course in Informatics—I101 Introduction to Informatics—is meant to orient students in the principles and practices of being an Informatician. We have been effective at reaching students in the classroom, but believe we need to improve our reach outside of the classroom by providing a series of modules connected with course content providing external materials and media that students can engage with in their own way, on their own time, and to the level of depth that they desire. We plan to enhance our introduction to the course and informatics and modules on computer architecture, networks and the Internet, digital and analog, SQL and databases, data visualization, the relationship of data/information/knowledge, and programming. We will assess the effectiveness of this proposal using pre- and post-test data focusing on improvements in course objectives, in our responsiveness to the PULs, and students’ perceived engagement with the course.