Principal Investigator:Henry A. Hernandez, Lecturer, Department of Mathematical Sciences, School of Science

Project Title:Making a Web Connection with Students

Funding Level:$1,857

Abstract:The Department of Mathematical Sciences in the Purdue School of Science at IUPUI has recently made a concerted effort to use technology to improve the learning of students in its introductory and pre-calculus math courses. The Department expects a certain level of algebraic skills and not all students entering the Gateway course entitled Algebra and Trigonometry I(Math 15300) are sufficiently prepared by their previous institutions of learning. Capitalizing on an agreement formed by Adobe and Indiana University this project proposes using the Adobe Connect Software to remediate these students by producing video shorts and making them available to the students on the worldwide web. During the first month of each semester there are four algebraic concepts that have been tabulated to be the subjects of office hour discussions and these will be the topics of the video shorts. The other main goal is to use the same hardware and software to increase the number of online office hours that the Math full-time lecturers offer their students. Faculty-student interactions outside the classroom provide a better learning experience for students and promote retention. This project will provide all the full-time lecturers the training and equipment needed to hold online office hours for their students using the same Adobe Connect Software.