Principal Investigator:David Goodman, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, School of Engineering and Technology

Co-investigators:Patricia Fox, Associate Chair, Computer, Information, and Leadership Technology, and Assistant Clinical Professor, Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Department of Computer, Information, and Leadership, School of Engineering and Technology; and David Jan Cowan, Associate Professor, Architectural Technology Program, and Director, Service Learning Initiatives, Design and Communication Technology, School of Engineering and Technology

Project Title:Sustainable Technology Certificate

Funding Level:$15,000.00

Abstract:Academia and industry are abuzz with the terms green and sustainable as they form the basis of many future employment opportunities and they also address the dismal state of our attempts at the stewardship of the Earth's environmental resources. However, few educational programs and courses align sustainability with technology and therefore educate with an intent to develop hands-on knowledge that would enable students to incorporate and move green education beyond recycling and into engineered and innovative design solutions for this troubled planet.
This project addresses this concern through the creation of a hybrid/online Sustainable Technologies Certificate that will form the foundation for a special areas interest focus within the School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. It will consist of seven courses that will be assessed both formatively and summatively during the process of their phased development and delivery. The project team will initiate this with needs assessment and will gather data during course development that will be supplemented by pre and post assessment and evaluation related to each course in the program. The creation of these much needed courses is intended to set the seeds for a degree program in Sustainable Technology and to eventually make such offerings available to a wider disciplinary population outside of Engineering and Technology.