Principal Investigator:Carrie Hagan, Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Law Clinic, School of Law

Co-investigator:Stephanie Boys, Assistant Professor of Social Work and Adjunct Professor of Law at Indiana University, School of Social Work and School of Law

Project Title:Interdisciplinary Advancement – Bringing Law and Social Work Together Experientially in a Law Clinic and Classroom Setting.

Funding Level:$5,000

Abstract:The purpose of the proposed project is to enhance the joint JD/MSW program, as well as the experiences of JD and MSW students respectively, through the development of a new course via an interdisciplinary partnership between the Schools of Law and Social Work. A social work practicum course option would be developed to be offered at the law school through the Civil Practice Clinic, open to both social work and law students. The course would serve as a practicum setting for MSW students, and serve as an interdisciplinary clinical course offering for law students. This course would allow for effectiveness through adapting pedagogies of engagement, most notably through problem-based and peer-led interdisciplinary team learning. Online components will be developed, as will materials that effectively provide experiential learning for both sets of students. The investigators will use survey assessment tools to gauge the students’ learning throughout each semester. Currently there is a great movement for interdisciplinary partnerships between schools of law and social work, and for IUPUI to implement one would allow for the development of a national reputation in this area, as well as the ability to apply for further funding to grow and enhance each program.