Submitter:Victoria Rogers

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Title:Curriculum Enhancement Grant Proposal

CTL Funding Level:$5,000.00

Abstract:An online version of Phil P162 (Logic) is proposed that will address the needs of both traditional students who desire more online courses as well as IUPUIā€™s significant population of non-traditional students who possess a high level of initiative but find it increasingly difficult to take courses on campus given their other responsibilities and obligations. The new electronic course will be consistent with the current classroom version of Phil P162, but will incorporate some additional content not feasible in a traditional lecture-discussion format. The foundation of the course will be a series of audio presentations with synchronous organizers and a new original digital textbook, consisting of selections that will serve as asynchronous organizers (preparation before and reinforcement after) to accompany the audio presentations. Each module will begin with linear elements (tutorials and drills) and progress to open learning environments (discussion forums and web conferences) in which the learned material can be applied in new and complex situations, a strategy designed to enhance critical thinking. The course will be closely designed to foster learning outcomes associated with the PULs, in particular PULs 1 and 2: Core Communication and Quantitative Skills and Critical Thinking. Moreover, it will serve as the foundation for an eventual sequence of three courses, all available online, designed to raise the level of logic literacy among IUPUI students.