Susan McLennon and Barbara Friesth, School of Nursing

Submitter:Susan McLennon, PI

Additional (2):Barbara Friesth, School of Nursing (co-investigator)

Title:Setting the Stage for Practicing in a Complex Environment: Re-creating Foundational Nursing Courses to Meet the Challenges of the Future

CTL Funding Level:$4,268.00

Abstract:Shortcomings of traditional methods used for the clinical education of nurses, as well as the increasingly complex demands of the current healthcare environment have been cited by national organizations as rationale for revision of nursing program curricula. The purpose of this project is to design and implement enhancements for two of the IU School of Nursing undergraduate required foundational courses. Enhancements will incorporate more integration of knowledge and skills, and self-directed, collaborative learning through structured learning activities that emphasize both knowledge acquisition and application to practice. Three specific aims of the project are to: 1) integrate knowledge and skill content of two courses, B248 and B249, into congruent modules with a focus on application in complex healthcare settings; 2) increase student self-directed and collaborative learning to better prepare students for inter-professional practice; and 3) create simulation experiences to reinforce integration of knowledge, skills, and attitudes for professional role development using team-based learning approaches and incorporating basic principles of critical thinking and clinical reasoning. With faculty participation, web-based learning modules that include skills videos, as well as simulated case studies will be pilot-tested and evaluated. Learning outcomes anticipated with the course revisions will reflect emerging national standards for nursing as well as each of the IUPUI Principles of Undergraduate learning.