Submitter (1):Suosheng Wang

Title:Build up Pedagogical Skills on Students’ International; Cooperative Learning

CTL Funding Level:$2,500.00

Abstract:IUPUI is challenging students to incorporate RISE into their degree programs. International collaboration among universities and faculty members is becoming popular; however, very little has been explored and discussed in the area of undergraduate students’ international cooperative learning, i.e., engaging students from different countries to conduct cooperative learning with the assistance of distance technologies. The development of information technology and today’s distance education trend are inspiring instructors to think about innovative teaching methods to enhance students’ effective learning. This project intends to extend the pedagogy of engagement for cooperative learning to an international perspective so that students located in different countries with different cultures can conduct interactive and cooperative learning. As indicated by the title, the instructor is interested in building up knowledge as to how international cooperative learning should be organized and supervised by instructors and how this type of pedagogy of engagement can enhance our students’ effective learning. To achieve the goal of this project, the instructor will identify a partner in another country offering a similar course and invite students from both universities to work together on assignments and projects. This project relies on Adobe Connect Meeting and Oncourse to bring students together from different countries into one online ‘classroom’ for interactive and cooperative learning. Both qualitative and quantitative methods will be employed to assess students’ learning outcomes and the strengths and weaknesses of this new pedagogy.