Submitter:Nancy Evans, PI

Additional (4):Nancy Evans, Principal Investigator, CIT10600 and CIT11200 Course Coordinator Rob Elliott, Co-Investigator, Faculty, CIT21200 Jerome Clark, Consultant, CIT21400 Course Coordinator Joy Starks, Consultant, CIT14000 Course Coordinator Graduate Assistant(s)/intern(s)

Title:Redesigning an intro quantitative analysis course and aligning the core curriculum in CIT

CTL Funding Level:$10,000.00

Abstract:The purpose of this Curriculum Enhancement Grant is to redesign CIT 12000, Quantitative Analysis I, align the flow of content in first year Computer & Information Technology (CIT) courses, and enhance problem solving skills throughout the first year core curriculum. The alignment requires a thorough investigation of the first year courses as well as the subsequent courses to reduce redundancy and enhance content required by changes in upper level courses. Student learning outcomes related to problem solving will be a focus of the work. Problem solving will be the underlying focus of CIT 11200 and CIT 12000, both of which are taken in the first semester, because strong problem solving skills are required for the programming, data management, and web development courses that students take in the second semester. CIT 12000 is part of the department’s first year experience for students, and serves both majors and non-majors. Since this course is one of the first introductions a student has to Computer & Information Technology, it is vital that the course delivery use the most up-to-date and dynamic delivery methods and pedagogic practices. Student and instructor feedback have indicated that CIT 12000 needs more than just a redesign; it needs to be part of a larger curricular realignment. This effort will involve the course coordinators of the first year curriculum, led by two faculty co-investigators. These co-investigators have and will continue to look at current literature to learn how to incorporate problem solving in innovative ways.