Submitter:Nancy Chism and Megan Palmer

Additional (2):Submitted by Nancy Chism, Professor and Megan Palmer, Visiting Assistant Professor Indiana University School of Education – Indianapolis

Title:Minor in College Teaching and Learning or Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Learning.


Abstract:Increased demand for courses to prepare college teachers for the complex task of facilitating engaged learning has been accompanied by expectations that these courses will be available in flexible, online formats and will involve pedagogical approaches that incorporate disciplinary differences and lead to informed practice. In response to these needs, this proposal seeks to transform an existing course in college pedagogy and design a new course in the scholarship of teaching and learning. To fundamentally reconsider how such courses are taught and to attract new populations, the project will use cutting edge technology, alternative scheduling formats, and carefully constructed learning and student assessment activities based on the notion of “informed practice.” The courses will be thoroughly assessed both formatively and summatively, starting with needs analysis and prior evaluation results, continuing data gathering during development, and peer and student review during and after development. The redesign and development of these courses will support the future teaching effectiveness of about 40-50 existing or future faculty per year and generate an estimated $40,000-$50,000 in additional tuition revenue each year. The innovative approach to these courses create conditions for increased external funding to make such offerings available to a wider distance population or to tailor them to specific disciplinary applications.