Submitter:Laura Romito, School of Dentistry

Additional (3):Lorinda Coan, School of Dentistry (co-investigator); Joseph DeFazio, School of Informatics (co-investigator)T

Title:Online Interactive Tobacco Education Module

CTL Funding Level:$5,000.00

Abstract:Tobacco use and dependence Is a leading u.s. public health issue and the primary source of preventable death and disease. As a causative factor in many oral conditions ranging from gum disease to cancer, tobacco use is an established oral health problem. Dental health organizations and the American Dental Education Association stress the need for oral health professionals to have the knowledge, skills and abilities to address tobacco use and dependence in their patients. Although tobacco-related content is sprinkled throughout the dental hygiene and pre-doctoral curricula at the IU School of Dentistry, there Is not one Instructional program which crystallizes all aspects of tobacco education. We propose the creation and Implementation of a new course module to fulfill this need. The module will be designed as an online, interactive program of study that provides students the flexibility to access the material at their convenience. It will contain video, graphics and text to educate students about tobacco, nicotine addiction, health effects, and cessation techniques. It will provide a step-by-step approach using instructions and video demonstrations to illustrate evidence based, effective counseling methods, as well as the ability to review, track progress, and complete assessments. As IUSD Is currently undergoing curricular revision planning, it Is anticipated that this module would be piloted in fall 2010, and incorporated Into the new curriculum In 2011. In addition, the module can serve as a resource for a comprehensive tobacco education program at other IUPUI health professions schools and community practitioners.