Submitter: Jeffrey Platt, PI

Additional (7):Jeffrey A. Platt DDS, MS (Corresponding faculty); Associate Professor of Dental Materials Lisa H. Willis DDS, MSD; Clinical Assistant Professor of Operative Dentistry Paul E. Reifeis DDS, MSD; Clinical Assistant Professor of Operative Dentistry Fidel Barbosa DDS; Clinical Assistant Professor of Prosthodontics Michele Kirkup DDS; Clinical Assistant Professor of Prosthodontics Edward J. DeSchepper DDS, MSD; Professor of Operative Dentistry David T. Brown DDS, MSD; Professor of Prosthodontics and Chair of Restorative Dentistry

Title:Incorporating Bond Strength Testing into the Teaching of Bonding

CTL Funding Level:$9,327.00

Abstract:Tooth colored fillings are often used to replace missing tooth structure. The success of these fillings is greatly dependent upon appropriate bonding with a dental adhesive between the filling and the tooth. Assessing the teaching of appropriate techniques for using adhesives is challenging. Historically, a didactic presentation is made and then students allowed to practice on extracted teeth. Quantitative assessment has proven difficult. A small bond strength testing machine has been introduced that has the ability to provide feedback on the presence of an appropriate bond. This project proposes to incorporate bond strength testing into the teaching of bonding. The techniques for successful bonding vary with different substrates. Tooth enamel, tooth dentin, and different filling materials all require variations in technique. These techniques are taught in a sequence of courses within the dental curriculum. Initial assessment of project effectiveness will be carried out in the 3rd year Dental Materials Seminar. Having some clinical experience, these students will be asked to obtain bond strengths using the adhesive just as they are using it in clinic (before). Then, a refresher on appropriate techniques will be provided individually and a second bond strength obtained (after). The before and after results of all students will be averaged and a one-way ANOVA used to determine effectiveness. Bond strength training will be incorporated into earlier years beginning in the 2010-2011 academic year. The before results from the initial data will be used as baseline for ongoing evaluation.